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The Elev8 Program offers young people who have already participated in our programs an opportunity to stay connected with Human Nature and their peers, ensuring they remain supported through new challenges that may emerge during their mental health journey. Elev8 is an essential next step in our program delivery, providing wraparound care for young people as they transition out of Activ8 or Recre8 and are empowered to take new steps towards a positive future.

Through this program, participants can develop leadership skills and build their confidence in a safe and supportive environment, alongside their peers who have similar lived-experiences. Elev8 offers young people a community of ongoing support and a sense of belonging, by connecting them with their peers through group leadership events, volunteer opportunities, skill-development workshops, and therapeutic recreational activities. With a broad focus on wellbeing, employment, education or skill building, Elev8 members will have the flexibility to participate in activities that interest them and suit their personal life goals. 

Alongside this, they will also continue receiving mental health support from our team of Psychologists, Social Workers and Therapeutic Mentors who they’ve already formed deep therapeutic alliances with. Our model of long-term continuous support recognises that young people’s needs change and new challenges often arise in their transition to independence. 

I’ve realised that I need to continue looking out for my mental health, and I’ve found that I’m not alone, that I can talk to others if I need it.

Elev8 participant, workshop feedback

Each Elev8 session is unique because each young person’s needs and circumstances are unique. As with all our programs, we tailor our approach to suit each individual, offering a range of workshops, events and group therapeutic activities. An Elev8 session might involve resume workshopping and developing interviewing skills, or participating in positive recreational activities such as horse-riding and bike-riding, or spending a day in the garden and sharing a meal with other Elev8 members.

Young people are at the heart of what we do at Human Nature. Through Elev8, participants are also invited to be a part of our Youth Leadership Committee, where they can share feedback on our program delivery and contribute ideas for improving our services. We position young people as advocates with expertise to share, and our Youth Leadership Committee recognises the value of our young people’s voice in all of our work. Their feedback informs how we design, implement and evaluate our programs and we’re so grateful to be partnering with young people to provide meaningful and life-changing programs in our community.

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