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Consistent contributions play a pivotal role in enabling us to provide essential support to young individuals, granting them access to the personalised mental health assistance necessary for their flourishing. Our continued success hinges on the support of donors like you. Your generosity ensures that young people, like Anna, can persistently access transformative experiences. A monthly donation establishes a sustainable foundation, empowering us to consistently deliver evidence-based youth mental health programs. Your partnership in this endeavour is a catalyst for lasting positive change. Making a donation to Human Nature is giving you the flexibility to adjust your contribution whenever you choose.

Some truly amazing work the human nature team do. Saying that human nature changed my life is an understatement because it helped me change my life, helped me save it. Human nature was just the guiding light I needed to help myself blossom into the amazing person I am today


Anna’s story is just one of many from young people who have experienced the incredible healing benefits of the support we offer. Becoming a monthly donor will make a real difference to the work that Human Nature does.

Monthly Donations

Every donation, large or small, has a positive effect. Our monthly donors provide us with a reliable and sustainable source of funding. This funding helps us effectively plan and deliver our innovative, evidence-based youth mental health programs.

How does it work?

Our monthly giving program is the easiest way to support us. Each month we will debit your credit card with the amount you specify. You can increase, decrease or cancel your donation at any time.

You can manage your donations at any time by logging into our donations platform, Raisely. You will receive a link in your welcome email and monthly donation receipts or by emailing us. Once logged in you can manage the amount and frequency of the regular giving donation, as well as pausing or cancelling it.

You are also able to update the card to be charged for the regular giving donation, along with general account settings (details, password, etc).

 Your donation improves the lives of young people through programs like:

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Human Nature is a ‘Deductible Gift Recipient’ charitable organisation. All donations are fully tax-deductible, and all donations over $2 will be issued with a tax deduction receipt