The greatest gift is the gift of a better future

If you’d like to recognise and support the innovative work we do at Human Nature, we would be honoured to accept your gift. Our programs are continually evolving, and demand for our services is higher than ever.

Even the most generous funding we so gratefully receive is finite – it makes it possible to do so much, and so much more than before, yet still we can only do so much. This is in no way a failing, it is an opportunity for courage and leadership. We can all do more to serve these young people.

Scott Beachley – Board Chair

We are not a government-funded organisation, so your gift, however big or small, will make a huge difference to many young lives. The young people referred to us are often heading down very dangerous paths. Your support not only helps change lives but also helps save them.

Know that your life-saving gift is appreciated more than you could ever imagine. It will enable more young people to live a life full of potential and help them gain access to the support they need to thrive. 

When you give a major gift to us, you can be confident that we have the governance and accountability in place to ensure it is managed wisely.

Help us change the lives of more young people

Get in touch with our team to arrange a confidential discussion about how your gift can support our innovative mental health programs and other initiatives. 

Want us to call you?

Our Donor Connect team can help you choose the contribution that’s right for you. When is the best time to reach you?

How your gift to Human Nature could help

Your gift today will help us provide free places in our programs to more young people in the Northern Rivers. We have big plans to extend our reach, and your gift to Human Nature can help us build a future where every young person has access to a service like ours.

Our recognition of your gift to Human Nature

We will provide personal updates on how your gift has helped those in need. You’ll also receive impact reports, contact from our program manager, and a dedicated staff member within our team.

In addition to sending you personalised progress reports on our work, we would like to recognise your generosity in various ways.

These could include:

  • The opportunity to meet with our Founder and learn how your gift is helping to support young people as they strive for a better future
  • Invitations to intimate gatherings and events throughout the year
  • Acknowledging your gift on our website, in our Annual Report or other publications we produce

Gifts are fully tax-deductible and may be pledged over several years.