A new approach to mental health

Human Nature is changing the face of the youth mental health system. With high engagement rates and consistent positive feedback, we can clearly see how impactful our support style is for young people experiencing significant challenges. Here you will find more information for mental health professionals.

Our success stems from meeting young people where they’re at psychologically, emotionally, developmentally and physically. Our qualified therapists and mentors support young people in a range of non-clinical settings where they are most likely to feel comfortable and safe. This may include in their home, at school, or at cafes. We aim to get them outdoors and encourage them to be active wherever possible. In these environments, they find it easier to open and connect with their peers, with themselves and with the therapeutic support we offer.

Adventure Therapists

Another factor in our success is our investment in skilled clinicians. Our Adventure Therapists are qualified as either Psychologists, Social Workers or Counsellors. Their clinical knowledge is applied in the relaxed setting of nature in a safe and trauma-informed way. Our approach helps to overcome many barriers that prevent engagement in other clinical settings. Young people have control over what they want to do and where they want to do it for their sessions, truly embodying the ethos of person-centred care.

Therapeutic Mentors

Our highly skilled and experienced youth workers weave therapeutic conversations into each encounter and build engagement through codesigning adventures. 

Our services: 

We know that achieving outcomes for our young people through one-on-one sessions is a marathon, not a sprint, and we are always guided by what the young person needs. 

Human Nature is the last option of support for many young people. They have often faced many challenges in engaging with traditional systems that aren’t set up for them. They’ve fallen through the cracks, and we are their safety net.

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If you feel a young person in your life would benefit from one of our programs, please check out the eligibility requirements below and get in touch via our enquiry form.

Eligibility: Human Nature participants are:

  • between the ages of 14 and 18
  • living in the Far North Coast region of NSW
  • presenting with significant challenges (e.g. trauma, addictions, mental health issues, social problems, behavioural difficulties or family conflict/breakdown)
  • experiencing barriers to engaging with support in clinical settings.

Our Clinical Governance Council

The Human Nature Clinical Governance Council is an advisory body to the Board of Directors and management of Human Nature. It provides independent, considered, objective specialist clinical governance and therapeutic advice. The council also addresses the need for appropriate organisation-wide clinical and therapeutic governance for Human Nature’s service-related activities.


The objectives of the Clinical Governance Council are to:

  • Act as an advisory body to the Board of Directors and management on clinical and therapeutic matters.
  • Contribute to developing strategies and policies to improve therapeutic program content, planning and delivery.
  • Work in partnership with management to increase the reach, quality and impact of accessible and integrated mental health and wellbeing service provision for young people.
  • Ensure clinical leadership and a multidisciplinary/multi-stakeholder approach to comprehensively consider clinical and therapeutic issues.
  • Be regularly informed by and well-networked with a range of clinical and therapeutic service providers, community groups, agencies, indigenous leaders, young people and researchers.
  • Collaborate with management to ensure that recommendations for decisions and investment are centred on young people. They are safe, cost-effective, locally and culturally relevant, and aligned to regional support experiences and expectations. 

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