Help us say yes to more young people

Mental health is an issue of universal importance, touching each of us deeply. It is crucial to emphasize the critical challenges facing our youth and the proactive measures we are implementing to provide support. By spotlighting our services, you contribute to reshaping the narrative around mental health, fostering a culture of empathy and awareness. This is not just fundraising for Human Nature; it’s an opportunity to create a new discourse that prioritizes youth well-being, cultivating resilience and hope for a brighter future.

We are not a government-funded organisation and rely almost entirely on donors to continue our work. More than ever, your help is needed to ensure young people don’t fall through the cracks.

When you donate to Human Nature, you invest in a young person’s life, ensuring they receive mental health support tailored to their complex needs. You are the helping hand gently nudging them towards their full potential.

Every young person deserves a chance to thrive

Whether it’s taking an active challenge, organising a birthday fundraiser or hosting a BBQ with friends, there are so many fun ways you can make a difference. Our team will support you every step of the way.

Take a Hike for Human Nature

Join us on a journey of a lifetime and help make a difference in the lives of young people in the Far North Coast of NSW!

We’ve partnered with Inspired Adventures who will take a small group of hikers on an unforgettable adventure through the Scenic Rim in QLD. During the he 3-day trek you will summit Mt Cordeaux and Mt Mitchell and witness some of the most breathtaking scenery in all of Australia. You will walk through ancient rainforests, relax by tumbling waterfalls and admire the fascinating wildlife in the World Heritage Lamington National Park.

Travel dates are the 15th – 17th of November and this package includes transfers, accommodation, most meals, water along the trail and of course your highly skilled and experienced adventure guide. Along the way you will be travelling with a group of likeminded people all passionate about supporting the work of Human Nature.

By participating in this challenge, you’ll not only have an incredible adventure, but you’ll also be helping young people who are facing significant mental health challenges. With your support, they can access the care they need breaking down the barriers of cost, transport, and stigma.

Take the opportunity to challenge yourself, rejuvenate your spirit, and help change the lives of young people in need. Sign up for our Take a Hike fundraiser today! 

Birthday Fundraiser

Tired of getting presents you don’t really want? Create a birthday fundraiser for Human Nature, and you’ll be giving young people the gift of better mental health.

Hold a community fundraising event

Organise a raffle, hold a garage sale, bake some goodies and set up a stall. Whatever you choose, you’ll be making a difference in young people’s lives.

Looking for other ideas to support Human Nature? We’ve got you covered! We’ve pulled together a list of exciting fundraising ideas

If you have any questions about fundraising for Human Nature, please contact our Marketing and Engagement Team by emailing