Help us say yes to more young people

Mental health is an issue that affects us all. That’s why it’s so important to highlight the crisis facing our young people and the steps we’re implementing to support them. Helping to bring awareness to our services creates a new mental health narrative.

It is clear that regardless of Human Nature’s growth, the demand for the services we offer continues to grow at a rate greater than we can match – despite our best efforts. There will always be youth in need that are underserved, whether in the Northern Rivers area or anywhere else. The need outstrips our scale and pace – it’s a fact and a challenge we face daily.

Scott Beachley – Board Chair

We are not a government-funded organisation and rely almost entirely on donors to continue our work. More than ever, your help is needed to ensure young people don’t fall through the cracks.

When you donate to Human Nature, you invest in a young person’s life, ensuring they receive mental health support tailored to their complex needs. You are the helping hand gently nudging them towards their full potential.

Every young person deserves a chance to thrive

Whether it’s taking an active challenge, organising a birthday fundraiser or hosting a BBQ with friends, there are so many fun ways you can make a difference. Our team will support you every step of the way.

Birthday Fundraiser

Tired of getting presents you don’t really want? Create a birthday fundraiser for Human Nature, and you’ll be giving young people the gift of better mental health.

Take a hike for Human Nature

Does going on a hike to raise funds for Human Nature sound like your kind of adventure? Contribute to a great cause while connecting with the natural environment around you.

Hold a community fundraising event

Organise a raffle, hold a garage sale, bake some goodies and set up a stall. Whatever you choose, you’ll be making a difference in young people’s lives.

Looking for other ideas to support Human Nature? We’ve got you covered! We’ve pulled together a list of exciting fundraising ideas

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