Nature is at the heart of what we do

We are extremely passionate about our evidence-based programs and believe they are at the forefront of mental health innovation. With close to a 100% engagement rate, our success lies in removing the barriers young people may have faced in the past when accessing mental health support.

We offer individual counselling, group work and physical challenges in natural environments, a proven strategy to re-engage struggling youth. Our therapists and mentors meet young people in locations they feel comfortable and walk alongside them for as long as they need. This tailored approach allows us to meet the individual needs of young people and help them feel supported, challenged and motivated to engage in the therapeutic journey.

A Mental Health Care Plan is not essential to access our programs. If a young person referred to us can’t afford to pay, we can provide places at low or no cost. This is made possible by our generous donors and supporters.

Our policies

As an organisation we are committed to the safety of young people in our programs and have policies in place to support this. You can view them below:

Child Protection Policy

Staff Code of Conduct

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Recre8 is our signature three-month adventure therapy program involving a ten-day therapeutic expedition and providing a minimum of 150 hours of therapeutic support for each young person. Recre8 was designed to reach vulnerable young people who are in desperate need of support but won’t engage with conventional mental health services.
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A group of young women walk along the rocks next to the ocean on an adventure therapy beach hike - youth mental health service
Our Activ8 program delivers outreach mental health support through a combination of individual and small group therapeutic sessions, taking place outdoors in nature. We have created a proven model of care that works for young people who won’t engage with conventional mental health services. For many struggling young people, even…
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A teenager walks through the forest during an adventure therapy session
The Elev8 Program offers young people who have already participated in our programs an opportunity to stay connected with Human Nature and their peers, ensuring they remain supported through new challenges that may emerge during their mental health journey. Elev8 is an essential next step in our program delivery, providing…
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A young woman stands beside a horse with a big smile on her face