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Elemental Magazine: Where challenge meets change

Our founder Andy Hamilton sat down with Elemental Magazine recently to talk about the youth mental health crisis, the intensive work needed to connect with young people and the power of the natural world to heal.

At Human Nature Adventure Therapy, we are dedicated to supporting at-risk young people in the Far North Coast of NSW. We not only recognise the severity of the youth mental health crisis but also the urgent need for innovative solutions.

By providing a nurturing environment, fostering trust, and embracing the healing power of nature, we are making a tangible difference in the lives of young people facing adversity.

The challenges faced by today’s young people are immense. Living through natural disasters, lockdowns, trauma and economic pressures has intensified the mental health challenges young people face and many are unable to access the help they desperately need. We believe that it is crucial to meet them where they are and engage them in unconventional ways.

While the demand for our services continues to grow, we face challenges in meeting this demand without major ongoing funding. Raising awareness and funds simultaneously is crucial to achieving our goals. Together, with your support, we can continue to challenge the status quo and bring about positive change in youth mental health care.

Read the full article from the Elemental magazine here.

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