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What we do is truly life-changing, and we desperately need your help. Without government funding, we rely heavily on the generosity of our donors. Because of you, we can continue our transformational work at Human Nature. Donate now to Human Nature, and we can support young people and give them access to the tailored mental health support they need to thrive.

Our programs are the last lifeline for many of the young people that are referred to us. Demand is growing at an alarming rate, and we are reaching more young people now than ever before. 

This increase in reach should be celebrated, but it is sobering to acknowledge that each week we still turn people away because there is not the capacity to help all who would benefit from the way we work with young people.

With the generous support of donors and grant providers, Human Nature delivers something fundamentally different. A suite of programs that can respond flexibly to the unique needs of each individual and remains for the long term, a constant presence along their whole journey of change.

Sharyn White, Chief executive Officer

Taking young people out of the counselling room and into nature acts as a path to healing and connection. With close to a 100% engagement rate, your donation makes a huge difference in changing these young people’s lives.

This type of mental health support is the way of the future. We aim to change the system for the better and inspire the sector to evolve in a new direction. Be at the forefront of this mental health initiative and donate now to Human Nature.

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