Board members from Human Nature and Ingrained Foundation sign the 3 year partnership agreement.

Building a brighter future: why multi-year donations matter to sustainability

At Human Nature, we believe every young person deserves access to the mental health support they need. We’ve witnessed the positive impact our unique approach has on the mental wellbeing of young people, even during challenging times like the pandemic and floods.

Our goal, shared by many of our generous donors, is to expand our reach and provide our services to more young people across the nation. The need for accessible mental health support is at an all-time high, and we know our model can effectively overcome barriers to engagement with traditional services. However, achieving this goal requires sustainable funding, and multi-year donations are key.

Currently, Human Nature relies heavily on individual donations, both large and small. While we deeply appreciate every contribution, the lack of consistent, multi-year funding creates significant challenges. Each young person receives our support for an extended period, so we have to be confident in our funding stability before accepting new participants. This uncertainty makes planning for future service delivery and growth incredibly difficult.

The importance of multi-year donations:

Planning for sustainability: Multi-year commitments allow us to invest in building a strong organizational infrastructure, a key requirement for attracting long-term funding from private and government agencies. Traditionally, obtaining resources specifically for building internal capacity has been challenging.
Building capacity for growth: Donations like those from Future Generation Global and the Ingrained Foundation provide vital support for developing and implementing our impact measurement framework and strengthening our internal operations. This empowers us to scale up our services confidently.
Securing long-term funding: Demonstrating a well-defined infrastructure and the ability to manage multi-year funding increases our appeal to potential long-term donors, paving the way for a sustainable future.

Together, with your support, we can build a future where every young person has access to the mental health support they need. Consider making a multi-year donation today and help us create a lasting impact on the lives of young people nationwide.

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