A Current Affair: Outdoors Aiding Aussie Youth’s Mental Health Crisis

On Easter Saturday, A Current Affair aired a segment they created to highlight the work that Human Nature is doing. The feature was produced by Northern Rivers’ local mum, Leila McKinnon, who came to our Ballina headquarters and spoke with our staff and one of the young people in our programs.

At Human Nature, we’ve been making a significant difference in the lives of young people by immersing them in the healing power of the outdoors. In the wake of challenging times, from devastating fires to destructive floods and a relentless pandemic, the mental health of Aussie youth has been under immense strain. That’s where our outdoor camps have played a vital role in providing a lifeline of support through what can only be described as “a mental health emergency.”

Since 2015, we’ve been meticulously breaking down barriers and building a foundation of trust with the youth in an outdoor environment. Our 10-day camps and weekly sessions have been carefully designed to unite therapists and young individuals embarking on a journey of facing challenges together. The great outdoors becomes a sanctuary, offering solace, growth, and resilience for the young souls seeking hope amidst the storm.

As A Current Affair’s feature highlighted, the impact of Human Nature’s approach is deeply profound, touching the lives of these young people in ways that words can barely express. We are incredibly proud of the progress and transformations we witness daily, as young hearts find healing and hope within the embrace of nature.

If you haven’t already, we encourage you to read the article and watch the video on A Current Affair’s website, where you can catch a glimpse of the beauty and power of our work. Together, we can continue to make a lasting impact on the lives of Aussie youth, nurturing a future that is resilient, compassionate, and filled with promise.

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