Human Nature Christmas Fundraiser – Help change a life this Christmas

For many young people in the Far North Coast the holiday season is more challenging than ever. Their need for therapeutic support is absolutely crucial and urgent. Donate this festive season to our christmas appeal to allow us to make an even bigger impact and reach more young people who need our help.

By making a donation to Human Nature christmas fundraiser this festive season, you will help us to reach more young people who urgently need our support to help them work through their mental health challenges. 

Every week we are turning away referrals for young people experiencing mental ill health as we just don’t have the resources to meet the growing demand for our services.

Contribute to our end of year appeal from as little as $20 and your donation can help make a difference to a young person’s life.

You could even make your donation in lieu of of gift for that tricky person who has everything or someone who you know would value the thought of supporting an organisation making a big difference to the lives of young people in the Far North Coast of NSW

Our Human Nature Christmas Appeal

Human Nature is here for young people experiencing mental health challenges who have nowhere else to turn to – they have tried to engage with support but it either hasn’t worked for them or their complex issues and trauma mean that they simply can’t get through the door of a clinical office to sit down with a therapist. 

We’re able to help because we’re doing things differently. We break down the barriers that we know exist for young people when it comes to getting support – lack of transport in regional areas, inability to pay a gap fee, poor experiences of services and the ongoing stigma of seeking help for mental health challenges – by travelling to them, delivering our therapeutic support wherever they feel most comfortable and at little to no cost. 

The Human Nature Christmas Fundraiser doesn’t just embody the essence of giving during the holiday season; it’s a testament to the transformative power of empathy and innovative thinking. As the warmth of the holidays envelops us, we stand together as a community, united in our mission to provide a lifeline for those who have been overlooked, misunderstood, and left in the shadows for far too long. With every donation, every act of support, we are lighting up the path towards a brighter future, one where every young person can find the help they deserve and the healing they yearn for.